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It's a proven fact. Theft is on the rise. Everyday, more reports are surfacing about lost or stolen items as thieves are finding new ways to beat the system. How will you fight back? And what will it take to secure your property?

"It's Like DNA for your property."

The use of MicroDotDNA Technology helps to prevent theft by marking your property with hundreds to thousands of Microdots. Law enforcement officials only need to find ONE dot to find the rightful owner. Watch the video.

The identification also assists law enforcement by positively identifying your property. This is absolutely essential for law enforcement to proceed with criminal charges.

This added identification significantly increases the ability of law enforcement to trace the property back to you and return it whether it was lost or stolen around the globe.

Assets such as bicycles and laptops can also benefit from our kits as the database will also capture the serial number of the asset. This allows police to search by both serial number and PIN number.

The use of these kits deter thieves as they mark items as "Too Hot To Handle" and thieves move on to easier targets. Protect your valuables by marking them with MicroDotDNA!

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MicroDotDNA Technology is a recognized world leader in whole of vehicle marking and has proven theft reduction rates as high as 92%. Whole of vehicle or parts marking (WOVM) has been proven to deter professional thieves and is recognized by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators as a best practice for theft prevention.

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The Insurance Bureau of Canada also recognizes parts marking as an effective theft reduction strategy and many insurance providers offer discounts.

In Canada, auto theft affects us all by the rising cost of insurance premiums. Over the past few years a higher number of vehicles are being stolen for parts or to be shipped overseas. MicroDotDNA Technology is a proven theft deterrence against organized crime and can significantly reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen. Watch video

MicroDotDNA Technology is available through authorized dealers and is recognized by leading insurance companies for discounts. Please consult your broker for details or contact MicroDotDNA Technology Canada.

Traditionally, motorcycles, powersports equipment and marine watercraft are notorious for being "soft targets" for professional thieves. Professional thieves steal these items for their parts or to sell them in other locations across North America or overseas.

In Canada, it is a fact that thievery of this type of equipment has continued to increase despite the efforts of law enforcement and the industry to curb the trend. A motorcycle, powersports equipment or marine watercraft has a significantly higher chance of being stolen than a vehicle. The recovery rate on this type of asset is substantially lower than automobiles. Watch video

Reduce your risk and protect your equipment. MicroDotDNA Technology has been proven worldwide to deter theft and make equipment "too hot to handle!"

MicroDotDNA Technology is available through authorized dealers and is recognized by leading insurance companies for discounts. Please consult your broker for details or MicroDotDNA Technology Canada.

Recreational Vehicles have become a popular target for thieves in recent years. The increased popularity of RVing has driven a market for both used parts and whole units. Many RV's have only a few points where a VIN is recorded and professional thieves will either strip the unit of its parts or use a VIN plate from another unit to rebirth a stolen RV.