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MicroDotDNA Technology is used by companies worldwide to significantly reduce theft rates and to positively identify assets. In many cases significant theft reduction rates have been reported across a wide variety of asset types. Independent reports have shown theft reduction rates of over 90% and companies like Manitoba Hydro and Canadian Home Builders Association members participating in our program have reported an over 90% reduction in losses.

In Canada, we have designed a comprehensive loss prevention, theft deterrent and asset identification program through Operation Hands Off that is economical. All of our programs have various levels of education that we support for law enforcement and company personnel. We work with our clients to develop an internal and external communication plan to increase awareness of the marking program and hence provide the maximum theft deterrent program available.

Additional insurance benefits may also be available to corporate clients who adopt a Operation Hands Off program.

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MicroDotDNA Technology's primary application is the marking of assets for the purpose of providing traceable identification. This identification is covert in nature, and depending on the size of the asset, can range from a few MicroDots per item to thousands of MicroDots. Once marked, clients have various options regarding the registration process.

In most cases, MicroDotDNA Canada provides kits pre-registered to the company. This ensures that all kits have been appropriately registered and ensures traceability. For high value assets we will also cross reference VIN/HIN or Serial number data to the database as provided by the client.

When individual assets are also registered by their identification number they can be traced on our "Public Search" page. This page only gives general information but will cross reference an asset's ID with the MicroDotDNA. If the asset is reported stolen to MicroDotDNA Canada it will also be flagged as such on the site. Try this serial number EZGF1149035 to see how this works.

This page is available to the general public and allows consumers, dealers or pawn shop owners to check an identification number. This significantly increases the level of traceability of an asset and makes the item "too hot to handle!" When an item is searched on this system, only cross reference information is displayed such as serial number and corresponding MicroDotDNA PIN number. The city of registration is also shown and the asset will be flagged as stolen when MicroDotDNA Canada has been advised.

Full information for the registered owner is available to law enforcement worldwide.

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MicroDotDNA have added value in terms of positively identifying assets such as aircraft, equipment, vehicles or any other rental or leased assets. The MicroDotDNA become a secondary identification tool that can be used to identify high value components for warranty programs or other high value components from leased equipment such as aircraft when involved in a bankruptcy proceeding.

MicroDotDNA have also been used as a low cost authentication tool for small business gift certificates and other similar documents.

MicroDotDNA Canada has developed a copper marking program designed to address the increasing occurrences of copper and metal theft from electrical facilities across North America. This program involves all stakeholders and a coordinated approach across the country with law enforcement, power generation companies and scrap metal dealers.

This program incorporates several levels of identification and has produced very high theft reduction rates through the Operation Hands Off program.

Detailed information is available upon request.

MicroDotDNA Technology is an economical loss prevention program. Whether it is company tools, equipment or lobsters, we probably have an example of how DataDot Technology can be effectively implemented to deter theft.

In addition, MicroTraceDNA can also be incorporated into a loss prevention program.

Detailed information is available upon request.

MicroDotDNA Technology has developed a heavy equipment marking program designed to curb the theft and international sale of stolen equipment.

In Canada, negotiations are currently underway for insurance benefits for clients using the Operation Hands Off program. Benefits are already recognized across a broad range of applications.

Outsmart the bad guys!

If you can manufacture it so can the bad guys. Without covert authentication like MicroTraceDNA protecting Intellectual Property and the integrity of border controls is a hit-and-miss operation.

Organized crime, counterfeiters and terrorist groups are becoming increasingly sophisticated and well funded. This means governments, security agencies, manufacturers and brand owners need to employ similar sophisticated tools to be successful in their efforts to counter the bad guys.