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What are MicroDots?
The best answer to this question is to visit our video library page and watch the videos on the technology. Our technology page also explains further.

What are MicroDots used on?
MicroDotDNA Technology is used on all types of assets including automotives, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, powersports equipment, marine watercraft, industrial equipment and personal assets.

Many corporate applications are available for loss prevention, tool marking or theft deterrence.

Is MicroDotDNA Technology expensive?
No. The cost of MicroDotDNA marking is generally inexpensive and includes a lifetime registration of the asset. There are no ongoing fees or other charges once the asset has been marked.

Where can I get my auto, powersport, recreational vehicle or marine watercraft marked?
The above products are only marked by authorized dealers. This ensures that the application is done in accordance to specifications provided by MicroDotDNA Technology Canada. Registration of the item is also verified and checked at the same time.

For dealer locations please contact MicroDotDNA Technology Canada.

Do MicroDotDNA actually deter theft?
Yes. Independent reports show significant theft reduction rates of over 90% in the automotive applications. Similar reports have also been shown in general asset identification programs. The primary reason MicroDotDNA is so effective is due to the simplicity of application, saturation of marking, low cost and extremely traceable by law enforcement. This makes marked assets "Too hot to handle!"

Is there any insurance benefit?
Yes. Depending on where you live in Canada. At the present time we have recognized discounts on all of the auto, powersport, recreational vehicle and marine watercraft at various locations across Canada. Please speak to your broker for specific applicable discounts in your area.

We are actively working on additional benefits across the country and anticipate adding additional insurance companies to our list.

Are there other marking programs?
Yes. MicroDotDNA Technology Canada is working with leading retailers and will announce new locations in the coming months where your purchases can be protected before you leave the store.

What happens if a personal asset is lost?
MicroDotDNA Technology Canada is also effective for identifying the owner of lost products. Every year thousands of lost items are recovered by law enforcement yet less than 10% ever gets returned to the owner due to lack of identification. Don't let this happen to you.

What if I sell my asset?
MicroDotDNA Technology Canada has a change of ownership that is completed through a dealer. This ensures that the vehicle identification can be checked and identification of the new and old owner can be verified. Please note that the registration process does not serve as a bill of sale. A nominal one time fee is charged for this service.

There is no fee for a change of address.

Can I purchase kits for home use?
Yes. We offer several kits that are designed for household assets. Please see our online store for more information.

I am a commercial customer and want more information, who should I contact?
Contact MicroDotDNA Technology Canada directly to discuss your particular needs. We find that each client has specific concerns and our knowledgeable team of agents can suggest the best options to meet your needs.