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MicroDots are a state of the art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The technology consists of thousands of polyester substrate microdots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique microdots come in a variety of formats to address most asset identification requirements.

MicroDotDNA can be applied with a brush, aerosol or compressed air application in a manufacturing environment. In most situations, MicroDots are prepared in a water based adhesive with proprietary tracers and are ready for application once opened. For industrial applications dry MicroDots and epoxy applications are also available.

Once applied, MicroDotDNA is virtually invisible and provide covert marking which is easily traceable by law enforcement. MicroDotDNA cannot be disarmed or effectively removed making marked assets "too hot too handle!"

Each kit manufactured by MicroDotDNA contains its own unique code for any given asset. This may include a vehicle identification number, hull identification number, serial number or a computer generated PIN for personal and business assets. The MicroDot information can also be fully customized for specific client needs.

MicroDotDNA Technology is used to identify many types of assets and includes both personal, business and industrial applications. In essence, MicroDots offer unique DNA for any asset.

Insurance benefits are also available through various insurance companies in Canada on application such as vehicles, motorcycles, powersport equipment, recreational vehicles, marine applications, heavy equipment and commercial settings. Please check with your broker for specific details in your area or contact MicroDotDNA Canada.

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Each MicroDotDNA kit is registered on a secure international database. This database is accessible by law enforcement in the event that an asset is lost or stolen. In many situations the asset identification number (VIN/HIN or Serial Number) is cross referenced to the MicroDot adding thousands of additional identification tags to a marked asset.

Registration of an asset ensures that it can be quickly and easily identified by law enforcement. The positive identification also ensures that criminal prosecution of the responsible parties will be effective as the identification is equivalent to DNA for property.

In addition to law enforcement access, general access to the database is available at no cost to interested parties. This secondary access is designed to give general information on an asset only. An asset identification number or MicroDot PIN number can be searched to verify registration. This system will not give any personal data other than to confirm an asset is registered. The asset's identification number or PIN number can be searched and the corresponding number will be displayed along with the city of registration. If the asset has been reported stolen it will also be displayed as reported stolen.

Registration is a vital and important component of the MicroDotDNA theft deterrent system.

All vehicles marked with the MicroDotDNA Technology are also accessible by law enforcement and insurance investigators.

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MicroDots have been tested by insurance and Government agencies world-wide as to their theft deterrent capabilities. In vehicle applications theft reduction rates have been shown as high as 90% for manufactures like Subaru, BMW and Holden Special Vehicles.

In the spring of 2007, the Taiwanese and New Zealand governments introduced a mandatory, "Whole of Vehicle Marking" program on all new vehicles, (WOVM, in Canada it is referred to as Parts Marking in Canada). The European Union and Australia are also considering similar legislation.

In Canada, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators has also recognized MicroDotDNA Technology as a best practice for theft prevention. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has also identified "parts marking" as a proven theft deterrent against professional thieves and endorses a layered approach to theft deterrence.

Worldwide it has been demonstrated in many situations that thieves will move on to unmarked assets rather than attempt to steal highly traceable assets. Many of our clients report significant theft reduction rates across a wide range of applications.

The MicroDotDNA system is one of the most effective loss prevention and theft deterrent programs currently available. Our technology is always evolving and adds additional layers of protection.

In addition to MicroDot Technology theft deterrence is established by:

  • Internal and external communication.
  • Use of warning stickers to highlight that an item or area is marked.
  • International database and registration.
  • High level of asset identification and traceability.
  • General Education and internal Corporate awareness programs.
  • Police awareness and no high tech equipment required to read a MicroDot.

The above factors ensure that the chance of a thief stealing your items being caught red-handed with the items or having re-sold those items, escalates considerably. By simply elevating the chance of being caught, drives the theft deterrence. Police only need to find one dot to prove ownership and make an arrest.

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